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Friday, October 08, 2004 — Working Forum – Making Research Work for School Improvement
This October 8-9 working forum brought together almost 60 educational stakeholders in the Chicago metropolitan area to discuss, debate, and share their experiences of “the research-practice gap.” The meeting began with a fishbowl discussion Friday evening, moderated by Andy Hargreaves of Boston College, during which representatives of various stakeholder groups began to identify issues and concerns. Dinner was followed by comments from Hargreaves on teaching as a multidimensional practice: technical, intellectual, experiential, emotional, moral, political, and cultural. All of these must be taken into account if research and practice are to be more closely aligned. Saturday’s work included a historical look at research and practice and the sharing of different models of collaboration by teacher-researcher teams. The afternoon was spent in working groups which developed recommendations for more effective support and collaboration. A report on the proceedings will be published (and made available online) for participants, NSSE members, and others by the end of the year. This working forum is the inaugural meeting for an annual series in the Chicago area. NSSE, in addition, hopes to develop a model for such forums that can be implemented in other parts of the country by interested NSSE members, with support and consultation from the Chicago office.

Location: UIC/Medical District Marriott, Ashland & Harrison, Chicago, Illinois

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