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Board of Directors

    Allan Alson
    Superintendent, Evanston Township High School District 202

    William C. Bagley
    Columbia University, New York City

    Arnetha Ball
    Stanford University School of Education

    Frank W. Ballou
    Superintendent, Washington DC Public Schools

    David C. Berliner
    Far West Laboratory for Educational Research and Development; Arizona State University

    J. Stanley Brown
    Township High School, Joliet, IL

    William A. Brownell
    Peabody College, Vanderbilt University; Duke University

    B.R. Buckingham
    State Board of Education, Madison WI; Harvard University

    Robert C. Calfee
    Stanford University; University of California, Riverside

    Jeanne S. Chall
    City College of the City of New York, New York, NY; Harvard University

    Werrett W. Charters
    University of Missouri

    Lotus D. Coffman

    Stephen S. Colvin
    Brown University

    Lyn Corno
    Stanford University; Teachers College, Columbia University

    Stuart A. Courtis
    Supervisor of Educational Research, Detroit Public Schools

    Luvern L. Cunningham
    Ohio State University

    Edgar Dale
    Ohio State University

    Charles DeGarmo
    Herbart Society for the Scientific Study of Teaching

    Peter Demyan

    Harl R. Douglass
    University of Colorado, Boulder

    Margaret Early

    Elliott W. Eisner
    Stanford University

    Edward C. Elliott
    Columbia University

    Walter Feinberg
    Philosophy of Education, UIUC

    David Felmley

    Gary Fenstermacher
    Program in Educational Studies, School of Education, University of Michigan

    Frank N. Freeman
    University of Chicago

    Nicholas L. Gage
    Stanford University

    Jacob W. Getzels
    University of Chicago

    John I. Goodlad
    University of California at Los Angeles

    William S. Gray
    University of Chicago

    Reuben Halleck

    Laurence D. Haskew
    University of Texas, Austin

    Ernest Horn
    State University of Iowa

    Philip W. Jackson
    University of Chicago

    Charles H. Judd
    University of Chicago

    Lilian G. Katz
    University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

    Grayson N. Kefauver
    Stanford University

    Paul Kelleher
    Trinity University

    F.J. Kelly
    University of Minnesota

    Leonard V. Koos
    University of Washington, Seattle

    Ann Lieberman
    Teachers College, Columbia University

    Livingston C. Lord

    T.R. McConnell
    University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

    Charles A. McMurry
    National Society for the Study of Education

    Ernest O. Melby
    Northwestern University, Evanston,IL

    George Melcher
    Kansas City Public Schools

    Henry C. Morrison

    Nel Noddings
    Stanford University and Teachers College, Columbia University

    David R. Olson
    Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Toronto

    Willard C. Olson
    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

    S. Chester Parker
    Secretary, NSSE

    A. Harry Passow
    Teachers College, Columbia University

    Thomas W. Payzant
    Superintendent, Boston Public Schools

    Penelope L. Peterson
    MIchigan State University; Northwestern University

    Herman G. Richey
    National Society for the Study of Education

    Agnes L. Rogers
    Goucher College, Baltimore, MD

    Harold Rugg
    Teachers College, Columbia University

    Thomas Sergiovanni
    Trinity University

    Harold G. Shane
    Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

    Judith Shulman

    E.S. Simmonds
    Township High School, Bellflower, IL

    Henry Lester Smith

    Daniel Starch

    George D. Stoddard
    State University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA; State Education Department, Albany, NY

    Susan S. Stodolsky
    University of Chicago

    Ruth Strang
    Teachers College, Columbia University

    George Drayton Strayer

    Ralph W. Tyler
    Ohio State University; System Development Foundation

    Willis L. Uhl
    University of Wisconsin, Madison

    Guy Montrose Whipple
    National Society for the Study of Education Secretary-Treasurer

    John R. Wiens
    University of Manitoba

    Paul A. Witty
    Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

    Kenneth M. Zeichner
    University of Wisconsin, Madison

    Karen Kepler Zumwalt
    Teachers College, Columbia University

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