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Current Yearbooks

Rethinking Identity and Literacy Education in the 21st Century
Volume: 110 Issue: 1
Edited by Sandra Schamroth Abrams and Jennifer Rowsell

This yearbook places identity and education at the forefront of the discussion to underscore the ways identity work influences the acquisition, maintenance, and formation of literacy practices.

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Taking Stock of Professional Development Schools: What’s Needed Now
Volume: 110 Issue: 2
Edited by Jane E. Neapolitan

This volume provides a comprehensive and analytic overview of the effectiveness of the PDS endeavor based on the empirical evidence that has accumulated since the 1990 publication of the original Holmes Report.

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Upcoming Yearbooks
Work has begun on the 2012 issues, which will focus on The Place of Music in the Twenty-first Century: A Global View, edited by Cathy Benedict and Patrick Schmidt and Organization and Effectiveness of Induction Programs for New Teachers, edited by Thomas M. Smith, Laura M. Desimone, and Andrew Porter. These promise to be important and timely contributions to the ongoing series of NSSE Yearbooks.
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Now Accepting Yearbook Proposals
The editors of the Teachers College Record invite proposals for volumes in the annual yearbook series heretofore published by the National Society for the Study of Education. Future yearbooks will continue the long tradition of excellence established by these authoritative resources in the field of education. The yearbooks are published in two volumes, each dealing with a current educational issue of interest to a broad audience in the field of education and the general public.

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