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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

What is the NSSE Yearbooks Approach to Privacy?
NSSE Yearbooks gathers information on visitors to the online site primarily to improve the performance of the site and the experience of visitors. We take all possible steps to minimize the intrusiveness of any data gathering and to disclose fully all policies and practices regarding the collection, management, and use of such information. In addition, we provide visitors with the opportunity to control the personally identifiable information provided to NSSE Yearbooks and to modify that information when necessary.

What information is collected by NSSE Yearbooks?
When becoming a member of NSSE Yearbooks users are required to provide a first name, last name, e-mail address, mailing address, and if subscribing to the Yearbooks, a credit card number.

What organization is collecting the information?
NSSE Yearbooks is an academic journal owned by Teachers College of Columbia University. All information gathered by NSSE Yearbooks is the property of the Trustees of Teachers College.

How is the information used?
Personally identifiable information gathered is used to fulfill the terms of the membership for which a person may have signed up – i.e. the mailing address is required so that we may mail a print version of the Yearbooks.  Information in aggregate form is used to understand the patterns of usage on our site and to allow us to make improvements to provide better service to our visitors. Personally identifiable information, required during registration, is used to alert readers to new developments at our site and to verify the identity of individuals submitting material for possible publication.

With whom is the information shared?
Information gathered on visitors to the NSSE Yearbooks web site is currently held exclusively by Teachers College, Columbia University. In the future we may share aggregate information on the traffic on our site with sponsoring organizations. If we receive requests for individually identifiable information on the users of our site, we will only release such information after seeking and obtaining the permission of individual users. We intend to give visitors to our site control over the ways in which the information they provide is used.

What choices are available to you regarding collection, use and distribution of the information?
Members of NSSE Yearbooks may alter or delete their registration information at any time by clicking on the "My Account" link at the top of every page.
Users of the site who do not register are limited to viewing only a restricted number of pages. No personal information is collected from such anonymous users other than standard server information such as their referring IP address and other "HTTP header" information. Such anonymous users have no need, and therefore, no opportunity to alter information.

What security procedures are in place to protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of information under the publication’s control?
Information on visitors to the NSSE Yearbooks web site remains on the web server and is accessible only to the NSSE Yearbooks staff members charged with particular tasks requiring such information.  All credit card information is encrypted prior to being stored in the NSSE Yearbooks database.

How can you modify or correct any inaccuracies in the information?
All visitors to NSSE Yearbooks who provide individually identifiable information may modify or correct that information at any time; they may also remove such information entirely. To modify personally identifiable information click on "My Account" at the top of any page within the NSSE Yearbooks site (note: you must be "signed-in" to edit your account).

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